August 26


From Corey Egan’s blog

We love SF-based jewelry designer Corey Egan’s blog update so much that we had to share it with all of you! She is sharing her jewelry knowledge with all of us to help clean, take care of, and prolong the life of our precious jewelry pieces! Read on to discover her suggestions on when to remove your jewelry!remove jewelry

Whether the jewelry you wear is steeped in family history, cost you a pretty penny, or is that favorite piece you wear day in and day out, odds are you’d be heartbroken if it were lost or damaged. The truth is, while jewelry does need repair and maintenance over time, many scenarios of costly jewelry repair can be avoided if we just learn when it’s appropriate to wear it and when it is not.

Today I’m sharing with you a list of occasions where my real life clients have lost or seriously damaged their jewelry. Sometimes these pieces can be repaired or replaced, but the most common thought I hear when they reluctantly share their story is that they wish they had just taken it off. 

So let’s dive in to the 5 times I highly encourage you to remove your jewelry.


This is THE BIGGEST culprit I’ve encountered for lost wedding rings. If you take only one thing away from this article, I will have done my job if it’s this: Remove your jewelry before you swim.

A day of surfing or playing in the ocean is quickly ruined when you realize your ring was carried away by the waves. It is nearly impossible to spot once it’s lost in the open water. And while you’re more likely to spot your ring if it falls off in a pool, chlorine is our enemy here. Chlorine eats away at precious metals. It is effect is amplified in the heat of a hot tub. The metal becomes brittle and can crack — often on the prongs which hold your diamonds in place!


Just like chlorine, bleach eats away at precious metals. Even gentle household cleaners can be harmful to your gemstones.



The attack on our jewelry at the gym is multifold. You can damage your rings by gripping them against heavy weights or machine handles. Your circulation also changes when you’re working out, making rings feel tight and uncomfortable. Spare your jewelry the sweat and remove it before your workouts.



DIY projects cause us to exert more pressure than normal on our hands. This is especially true when you’re wielding hammers and power tools. In addition, the paint, glue, spackle and other building materials can be tough to remove from gems and chains.



Not all of your jewelry is at risk when you’re caring for toddlers or infants, but your delicate chains and dangling earrings might find themselves in jeopardy.

These items are right in grabbing distance when the baby is held in your arms. The jewelry is colorful and sparkly — it is so tempting for your wee one to grab!

Instead, opt for sturdier items like chunky bangles or stud earrings. There’s even a line of baby-friendly jewelry on the market made up of beads that they can chew on. Pretty cool solution for the mamas!

August 4

by Priscilla Spradlin


I have been going to Outside Lands Music Festival at Golden Gate Park in San Francisco for the past four years, so I consider myself a semi-expert at this point. I have gone for all three days, two days, and just one day as well (that’s what I’m doing this year- see you Sunday!). Here are the lessons I have learned over the past four years at Outside Lands- hope it helps!

  • Wear close- toed shoes: I know sandals are super cute and help achieve the boho look that is so trendy at festivals, but Golden Gate park is either dusty if it’s dry or muddy if it’s wet- plus it gets pretty chilly after the sun sets. Do yourself, your toes and your shoes a favor and opt for boots or sneakers instead!
  • Wear Layers! Even if it’s a nice day in San Francisco (the high for this weekend is 68 F) and you are feeling good in your sun dress- once the sun sets, it gets chilly! So make sure to bring a warm jacket, and I usually even pack a beanie in my bag because it is compact and helps keep the warmth in!
  • white_taupe__16879.1447810650.470.470


  • Dont’ try to split your time between two acts that are on opposite stages at the same time. I know you are dying to see both Lionel Richie and Lana Del Rey, but the walk between Lands End and Twin Peaks is longer than it seems- especially with the crowds moving at zombie-like speed and you will end up at the back of both crowds and you will not enjoy either show to its fullest potential. This is ESPECIALLY true if you are going to all three days- you will get tired of walking!!!
  • Bring a blanket. Speaking of going between stages a bunch- sometimes it’s more fun to just camp out at the front near one stage with a blanket and make it ground zero for everyone to meet at. You save your spot in the crowd and people that feel like relaxing stay with the blanket and make it the “spot”
  • ceremonial__67636.1446939060.1280.1280


  • Pack a backpack! I have this bag from Ferdinands that I love and we just got a denim version as well. Keep your hands free and your necessities nearby with a cute bag that you can still dance around in!


  • BEWARE STREET PARKING! It can feel like you hit the jackpot when you find a nice little spot on the street, but let me tell you, most of the neighbors of Golden Gate Park are not fans of Outside Lands because of the crowds and noise that it brings with it. My car was towed for being 1 inch into someone’s driveway- and it cost me a $500 towing and impound fee, plus a $120 parking fee to get my car free. Trust me- just pay for parking, or walk, or use public transportation.
  • Eat All the Food- It’s worth the lines and the price. So many good eats!
  • Bring a Refillable vessel for water- they have refill stations throughout the park for easy hydration!
  • Pack some dry shampoo- your festival hair can last from day 1 to 3 if you pack some dry shampoo!
  • dry_shampoo_1__19028.1409792473.1280.1280


  • Have a TON of fun, dance, sing, eat, drink, and enjoy beautiful Golden Gate Park!

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