December 22

letter image sharpened

Today one of our metalsmiths, Corey Egan stopped by to drop off a gift.   It’s been so busy in the store with everyone Christmas shopping, so we were only able to give each other a quick hug and some season’s greetings. When I came home tonight…sat down to open the gift which came in a long gold jewelry box.

Of course, my mind was spinning wondering if it could be one of my favorite Corey Egan necklaces or bracelets.  But upon opening the box, I found a wooden pen with gold fittings and a hand-written note, which in part read:

“My father and I crafted this pen together using the lathe which once belonged to my grandfather.  It is made of zebrawood with gold plated findings.  I hope you put it to good use and can enjoy it for years to come”.

Enclosed inside were photos of Corey making the pen on the lathe.

Immediately a flood of emotions came over me as it reminded me of times making things with my own father in his workshop.  Making things together was a bonding experience. I jumped up from reading Corey’s letter and hurried through the house looking for things we’d made together – seeing each item brought back memories of what we talked about the day we made them, what the day was like…little, yet treasured memories.

My father, whom I was never quite sure if he graduated from high school, had hands of gold and could make or fix anything.  His skilled hands, great work ethic, and amazing drive lead him to accomplish great things.   He even has the honor of having hand-tooled hardware that guided the Apollo spacecraft to the moon.

It’s challenging for every small business owner… the ups and the downs and the seemingly insurmountable odds to beat.  But this thoughtful gift, from one of our metalsmiths, reminded me that I’m doing exactly what I should be doing – and it is good.

Happy Holidays and I wish you and your family a season where memories are made.

-Suzy Ekman

Makers Market Founder

One thought on “The Power of a Hand-Crafted Gift

  1. I am so happy that you appreciated the pen. Corey had such a wonderful time making them with her dad. She told us about the special people she was making them for. We are so proud of her, and we love to see others appreciate her as well.
    Corey’s mom, Shannon

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